Nuova Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265

Introdotta da Intel la nuova tracking camera che permetterà l’ultilizzo in molti campi, tra cui droni, robotica e IoT in generale.
Le sue caratteristiche migliori sono il consumo ridotto a solo 1.5W, le sue dimensioni 108 x 25 x 13 mm in size ed un peso di soli 55 g,

Di seguito alcune caratteristiche:
V‑SLAM, part of Intel® RealSense™ Technology
High precision Visual Inertial Odometry Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithms.

Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2.0 VPU
Visual Processing Unit optimized to run V‑SLAM at low power.

Two Fisheye lenses with combined 163±5° FOV
The camera includes two OV9282 imagers with fisheye lenses for a combined, close to hemispherical 163±5° field of view for robust tracking even with fast motion.

The Inertial Measurement Unit, allows for accurate measurement of rotation and acceleration of the device, to feed into the V-SLAM algorithms.

USB 3.1 Gen 1 Micro B
USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 supported for either pure pose data or a combination of pose and images.

108 x 24.5 x 12.5 mm
Small form factor designed to mount on any device with ease.

2 x M3 0.5mm pitch mounting sockets
Securely attach the camera to your device with these standard mounting points on the rear of the camera.